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Directory of Historical Resources

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Directory of Historical Resources

Advice on Finding History Sites

The sites listed below are in most cases directories of directories, each with links to many other sites. For example, under the Massachusetts Institute of Technology you will find the International Directory of University Home Pages. You should consult the MIT guide if you are unable to find a particular university on the Internet.

The sites are listed in alphabetical order, according to the name of the host institution. Sites within the same institution are shown in a hierarchy. In some cases an additional sponsor for the site is indicated, for example "American Library Association, via the University of Illinois at Chicago".

If you are unable to connect to a site or to utilize it effectively, try moving up through the higher levels of the hierarchy of the site's host institution. In the Directory each subordinate level in the hierarchy is indented, and preceeded with a dot of a different color. In the example below, for the USC Regional History Center, you should see 4 levels of indentation, with dots colored red, green, purple, and orange:

University of Southern California

University Library
Special Collections
Regional History Center

If you do not have the exact hierarchy for a particular site, you can often approximate the hierarchy by using your Web browsing program to shorten the Internet address of the site, from right to left, at each "/" slash mark. For example, if you cannot connect to:
"" try:
"" then try:
"" then try:
"" then try:

From the listing presented here, to find subject headings or descriptive terms such as "architecture", "archives", "ancient", or "Egypt", or to search for any of the words that appear on your screen within this document, use the FIND utility in your Web browsing program. (Most Windows-based programs include a FIND utility in the EDIT menu.) The description of any site with database subject searching will include the word "search". The descriptions of utilities for searching across the Internet include the phrase "Internet search utility" or "Internet search utilities".

History Sites in Alphabetical Order

Alta Vista Internet search utility, to search Web pages and Usenet newsgroups

Amazon online bookstore, with book reviews and search by subject

American Association for State and Local History

American Antiquarian Society

American Association of Museums or: different address

American Association of University Women, with information on grants and fellowships

American Council of Learned Societies

Online Scholarly Resources
Constituent Learned Societies, Associates, Affiliates
American Arts and Letters Network

American Cultural Resources Association, for cultural resources management consultants and directories of Internet resources for preservation

American Film Institute

American Historical Association, via George Mason University's Center for History and New Media

Directory of Affilated Historical Associations
Historical Conferences, listed by date

American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, for preservation, via Stanford University

American Institute for Physics, Center for the History of Physics

Niels Bohr Library
Visual Archives
Albert Einstein exhibit
Directory of history sites

American Library Association

Library Web Resources

American Political Science Association

Political Science Departments
Related Organizations
Political Science Scholarly Journals

American Society for Information Science

American Studies Association, via Georgetown University, American Studies Electronic Crossroads

Archaeology Magazine

Arizona State University

Southwestern Archaeology (SWA)
Internet Sites for Archaeology, Anthropology, and History

Association for History and Computing (AHC), via the University of Groningen

AHC Bibliography
Web Sites for Historians
Teaching Materials for Historians
History departments on the Web
History mailing lists
The journal History and Computing

Association for Library and Information Science Education, via the University of Michigan

Association for Living Historical Farms and Agricultural Museums

Links to Living History or Agricultural Museums

Association of American University Presses catalog, via Princeton or: via the University of Chicago

Association of Research Libraries

Member Libraries

Archives of Australia

Australian National Archives, with online finding aids
State and Territory Archives
Local, University, and Other Archives
Australian Society of Archivists
Directory of Archives in Australia with Web Sites, via the University of Melbourne

Australian National University

Art History
Asian Studies resources
Centre for Networked Access to Scholarly Information
Guide to Electronic Publications
Marxism Page

Avery Dennison, makers of Avery labels and office supplies (included here because we wrote their company history, and found them to be an outstanding organization in every way). The site includes a history of the development of self-adhesive products.

Birmingham University

Directory of University Web Sites in Britain

Boise State University

Cyclops Internet Toolbox, for library and technology reference resources

Boston University

Ancient Egypt Internet resources
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Bristol University in Britain

Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG), a searchable database of Internet resources

British Broadcasting Corporation

British Library

Portico Online Information Server
British Library Catalogues and Databases
Guide to Resources on the Web

British Columbia Archives and Records Service Electronic Access Project, with a searchable database of photos

Bulletin Board for Libraries (BUBL), in Britain

BUBL Subject Tree, in Alphabetical Order
BUBL Directory for History

Cable Network News Newsroom Library

California Home Page

California Educational Resources, Colleges
California State Library
Online access to the California State Library's catalog
Directory of California public libraries
Other libraries with online catalog access
California Dept of Parks and Recreation
Office of Historic Preservation

California Department of Parks and Recreation, Resources for Archaeology and History, via Indiana University

The Missions of California and Baja California
Links to Archaeology and History Sites

California Council for the Humanities

California Council for the Promotion of History (CCPH) from San Buenaventura Associates

California Historical Society

California Institute of Technology

Caltech Archives PhotoNet, a searchable image database
Exploring the Internet

California Library Association

Information Technology Section, from Kathy McGreevy
Information Technology Links

California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo

California State University, Long Beach

Media for educational and teaching use

California State University, Northridge

Internet resources for research and teaching, from Professor John Hartzog

California State University, Sacramento

Center for California Studies
California history links

California State University, San Marcos

History Department
History Internet Resources
A directory of directories for history sites
History Departments with Web Sites

California Studies Association, H-California site and E-Mail list, via the H-Net history network

California Views Historical Photo Collection, Pat Hathaway Collection, including Monterey, Cannery Row, San Francisco earthquake of 1906

Cambridge University

Ancient Egypt Resources

Canada, National Library

Digitization Activities, including a searchable database of music sources

Canada's SchoolNet

Canadisk Canadian History Archive, a searchable collection of images
Educational Resources

Canadian Heritage Information Network

Conservation Information Network, for preservation issues

Canadian Museum of Civilization via Digital Equipment of Canada

Cardiff University of Wales

Gwyn Price's directory of history Internet resources

The Carl Corporation

CarlWeb, search access to the catalogs of member libraries

Carnegie-Mellon University

Online Books, an index of 650 electronic books, with links to other sources
English Server at Carnegie-Mellon
History and Historiography, a directory of electronic documents and of other sites

CAUSE, the association for managing and using information resources in higher education

Information Resources
Higher Education-related Internet Resources, in alphabetical order by name

The Center for Democracy and Technology, with a focus on privacy issues on the Internet

Central Connecticut State University

History Department
Gateway to World History, from Professor Haines Brown
World History Archives
World History Online Resources
Descriptions of search methods to use for history resources
Reference works for History
Directories of history departments, universities, and research institutes
Mailing Lists for Historians

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

CIA Publications
CIA 1995 World Factbook, with descriptions and statistics by country, as well as maps, a weights and measures chart with Metric - English equivalents, and international time zones

Cliometric Society, for the use of statistical techniques to study economic history, via Miami University, Ohio

CERN (Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire) was the initiator of the World Wide Web, the W3 Organization now maintains the extensive WWW Virtual Library

Directory of sites by geographic location
Directory of resources by subject
Libraries and Librarianship
Directory of other virtual libraries
Hytelnet gateway to online library catalogs

Chicago Historical Society, including a narrative history of the city, photographs, and links to other sites

The Great Chicago Fire

Chronicle of Higher Education

City University of London, Who's Who on the Internet Directory

Directory by type of institution
Directory by subject, with a search form

Claremont Colleges

Libraries of the Claremont Colleges, online catalog and directories
Directory of Internet Resources
Pomona College
Multicultural Cosmology Home Page, for ancient history of the Americas

Clark Internet Services

Directory of mailing lists
Mailing lists for historians, with a detailed description of each list
Larry Schankman's Infoguide of annotated reference resources

Coalition for Networked Information

Museum Computer Network, Computer Interchange of Museum Information (CIMI) Standards Framework

Colorado State University

SavvySearch is an Internet search utility that queries other search utilities

Columbia University

Bartleby Library
Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States
Search Bartlett's Quotations
Digital Image Access Project (DIAP)
Avery Library architecture photos

Committee for the National Institute for the Environment (CNIE), with the beginning of a National Library for the Environment, with full-text Congressional Research Service publications

Computer History Association of California, with many links to sites for the history of computing

Computer Museum of America, for the history of computing, at La Mesa College

Corbis Corporation, which has acquired the Bettmann Archive of historical images

Cornell University

National Council for Preservation Education, PreserveNet, with directories of resources for historic preservation or: different address

Daguerreian Society, with galleries of 19th century Daguerreotype photos

Dallas Museum of Art Online, via the University of North Texas

Museum Galleries, including an image of Thoth, the god of History of Ancient Egypt. Thoth appears at the top of our Home Page.

Danish Royal School of Educational Studies

Center for Humanistisk Historieformidling

From John December, author of World Wide Web Unleashed, the Internet Web Text, including a basic introduction to the Internet, help in searching, and resources on the history of computers

Deja News, the best Internet search utility for Usenet newsgroups

DirectNet, an Internet service provider

Guides to using the Internet

Discovery Channel, educational television

An Internet search utility
Links for a history of the Internet

From Dustin Donahue, Pharoah's Heart for Ancient Egypt, with links and images

Duke University

Special Collections
Papyrus Archive, for Ancient Egypt

Early America Archives, with reproductions of newspaper articles from 18th Century America, including items such as George Washington's Farewell Address and the Treaty of Paris of 1783

Early American History forum

Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

Berger International Gallery of Art Treasures, going back to Ancient Egypt

Egypt's Culturenet, with links to museums in or about Egypt

Egyptian Museum in Cairo

Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands

Directory of European Web sites by country

EINet Corporation, supplier of the Galaxy Virtual Library

Galaxy Virtual Library, directory of subject categories and Internet search utility
Social Sciences Directory
History or: different address
Library and Information Science
Reference and Interdisciplinary Directory
Library Catalogs
Gopher Jewels
Gopher to History
Gopher to Museums and Exhibits
Gopher to Libraries
Directory of methods for searching the Galaxy and the Internet

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Blue Ribbon Campaign for Online Free Speech
Guide to the Internet: How to Use the Internet, and Guides to Resources

Electric Library, a research resource (subscription required)

Emory University

Michael C. Carlos Museum, via Emory and the Georgia Institute of Technology
Table of Contents to the museum's collections
Images from Ancient Egypt
TELA (The Electronically Linked Academy) Scholars Press
PUB-LINK, a directory of publishers' catalogs to search by author or title
Ancient Near East resources
Museums and Exhibits
History resources

Encyclopaedia Britannica Online (subscription required)

Enterprise Integration Technologies

Web sites by category
International directory of universities on the Web

EUnet Book Store from Germany (English version), for electronic text projects, electronic journals, Internet guides, and other online bookstores

European Academic Research Network Association (EARN), with a narrative explaining the Web

European Preservation Information Center, from the European Commission on Preservation and Access

Excite Internet search utility with brief site descriptions, from Architext Software. Excite also searches Usenet newsgroups.

University Home Pages

FedWorld Information Network

Field Museum of Natural History, including Ancient History, via the University of Illinois at Chicago

Flint, Michigan Library, Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative Training Page of instruction on how to search the Internet

France Home Page, with directories of Internet resource in French

France, Ministry of Culture, with directories of Internet resource in French

Bibliotheque Nationale de France
Inventaire General des Monuments et des Richesses Artistiques
Paleolithic cave paintings in France

FranceNet, with sources for French history

Franklin Institute Science Museum, part of the Science Learning Network, both for Benjamin Franklin and for science

Virtual Exhibits at the museum
Virtual Exhibits at other museums

GenWeb Database Index, with links to genealogical databases searchable on the Internet, from Tim Doyle

George Mason University

Center for History and New Media, including many links to history sites
History departments on the Web
Map resources on the Web

Georgetown University

American Studies Electronic Crossroads
American Studies Web from David Phillips (formerly via Yale University)
Electronic Archives for Teaching American Literature
Labyrinth for Medieval Studies
Virtual Library for Medieval Studies
Labyrinth, General Guide to Internet resources
Universities on the Web
History Internet resources
Humanities Internet resources
Library Catalogues and Databases, with advice on Telneting into specific libraries

Georgia Institute of Technology

Glasgow University in Britain

Computers in Teaching Initiative, Centre for History, Archeaology and Arthistory (CTICH)
CTICH directory of historical resources and collections

Goteborg University in Sweden

Directory of Internet resources for the humanities

H-Net (History-Net), the leading collection of E-Mail history discussion groups, via Michigan State University

Directory of Web sites for history
H-Local, for local history

Hanover College

History Department, including Web Sites of Interest to Historians
Historical Texts Project, to make available scanned history texts for use in history courses

Harvard University

Harvard University Press

Historical Computer Society, for the history of computing

The History Channel, television

Hookup Internet service provider

Internet resources for research

Hotbot Internet search utility, also searches Usenet newsgroups

Illinois Heritage Association

Idaho State University

Internet Resources
Aristotle directory of educational resources

Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine, part of the University of London

Internet sites in Britain
Academic Sites in Britain

InfoSeek Internet search utility, also searches Usenet newsgroups

Indiana Historical Society

Local History Web Resources, of interest to local historians anywhere
Historical Societies on the Internet, an international listing

Indiana University

History Graduate Student Association
History resources
Descriptions of H-Net history mailing lists, an Internet search utility with an Artificial Intelligence component to ask you follow-up questions about the search

Institute for Historical Research in Britain, at the School of Advanced Study, University of London

Main Menu
Directory of Online Resources for Historians

Institute for Museum Services, a U.S. governmental agency

International Committee for the History of Technology (ICOHTEC), via the University of Rochester

International Council of Museums (ICOM) or: via Stanford University

International Committee for Documentation (ICOM-CIDOC), via the Swedish Museum of Natural History
Guides to Museums on the Internet
Sources of Information on Museums and the Internet
Museum and Cultural Heritage Information Standards Resource Guide
International Standards Organizations

International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS)

Internet Resources for Heritage Conservation, Historic Preservation, and Archaeology

International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), via the Canada National Library

Library and Information Science Electronic Resources, with collections of documents and directories of virtual libraries and associations of interest to librarians
Directory of Internet resources

InterNIC, a cooperative activity of the National Science Foundation, Network Solutions, and AT&T

Directory of Directories
Directory Services: Whois, Netfind, White Pages, to find people on the Internet

Iowa State University Archives, with a rural history collection documenting change in rural, northwest, Iowa from 1900 to 1995

J. Paul Getty Art History Information Program (AHIP)

The "a.k.a." utility will search a combined database of AHIP resources
Search the Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals and the International Repertory of the Literature of Art (RILA)
Introduction to Imaging: Issues in Constructing an Image Database
Research Agenda for Cultural Heritage on Information Networks
Cultural Heritage Resources Online in Southern California
Academic Resources
Community Resources

James Cook University in Australia

Electronic Journal of Austalian and New Zealand History

Jane's Electronic Information System (best known for Jane's Fighting Ships), the most comprehensive source on modern military equipment, with detailed descriptions and images

JES and Associates, an Internet training and consulting firm, with links to many types of Internet resources, including information on how to use the Internet

From Harold Robinson, John F. Kennedy University, Museum Studies Department, the Museum Professional's guide to Internet resources

Specialization Resources, including History

Johns Hopkins University

History Archives, descriptions of documentary archives at university libraries
Project Muse, university journals
History of Science, Technology, and Medicine

Jump City Internet search utility, with site descriptions

From Diane Kovacs, Directory of Scholarly Electronic Conferences

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

California Web sites
California Academic Organizations
California Non-Profit Organizations
California Government Organizations

Lehigh University

An annotated listing of resource guides

Le Monde, French newspaper

Libraries for the Future, with examples of the use of technology by libraries

Library and Information Technology Association (LITA) Home Page, via Florida International University

LITA gopher, via the Library of Congress
LITA Newsletter, via Harvard University

Library of Congress or: official Home Page

Library of Congress Online Systems (LOCIS)
LOCIS Overview, with information on Telneting into the Catalogs, Guides to Searching, etc.
Marvel Gopher to Directories
Global Electronic Library, with access to a large selection of Internet resources
History and Geography
Reference desk resources
Library and Information Science
Digital Library Collections
American Memory Collections or: different address
American Memory Titles and Topics
Civil War Photos
Color Photos from the Farm Security Administration and Office of War Information
WPA Life Histories, from the Folklore Project, Federal Writers' Project, 1936-1940, with full text searching
American Special Collections, listed by region, subject, format, or chronology
Library of Congress Exhibits
African-American Mosaic: Resource Guide for the Study of Black History and Culture
Congress and Government
Legislative Information (Thomas Utility)
Federal Government
State and Local Governments
Indexes to World Wide Web Services
Web Meta-Indexes and Search Tools
Newspapers and Current Periodicals
National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections (NUCMC) with links to archives, professional societies, and library schools. (For access to the archival files of the RLIN: Research Libraries Information Network, click on the Utilities icon on the NUCMC Page.)

LibraryLand, from Jerry Kuntz, with resources for librarians

Linkopings University in Sweden

Book of the Dead, from Ancient Egypt
Directory of sites for digitized photographs or: Different address

Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History

International directory of museums on the Web, from Jim Angus
U.S. museums, directory by state
California museums, in alphabetical order

Los Angeles Public Library

Access to the LAPL Catalog, via the Carl Corporation
LAPL'S Electronic Information Resources
Searching the Los Angeles Times
The Central Library
Central Library Research Guides
Branch libraries
Searching on the Internet
History & Genealogy
Los Angeles on the Web
Libraries on the Internet
Shades of L.A., photo histories of L.A. ethnic groups
From Hula Hoops to Hanoi: Los Angeles Concerns 1954-1965, a photo exhibit by Carolyn Kozo Cole

Los Angeles Times

Table of Contents
Southern California Libraries
Southern California Museums
Archives & Professional Research (Fee charged)

Louisiana State University

Directory of U.S. Federal Government Agencies
Webliography of Internet reference resources

Loughborough University of Technology, in Britain

Computers in Teaching Initiative, Centre for Library and Information Studies (CTILIS), directory of libraries and reference services in Britain

Lycos Virtual Library, an Internet search utility

Magellan Internet search utility, with directories for different categories, from McKinley

Mansfield University

The Mansfield Cybrarian, with annotated reference resources

Marshall University

Subject Area Links
History and social studies Internet resources

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

International Directory of University Home Pages
Directory of Non-profit Organizations
MIT Press
Biographical Dictionary
General Reference Collection, for reference sources and library databases
Search the complete works of Shakespeare
Globewide Network Academy, a consortium of educational and research organizations
GNA Virtual Library
GNA Meta-Library Search

Miami University (Ohio)

Archives and Archivists directory
Libraries and Librarians directory

Michigan State University

Middle Tennessee State University

Todd Library
Women's History: A Research Guide, from Ken Middleton
Innovative Internet Applications in Libraries
Library and Information Science

Minneapolis Institute of Arts, World Mythology in Art curriculum and images

Mississippi State University

Historical Text Archive, with text files of historical documents, scholarly papers, and bibliographies, as well as image files, from Professor Don Mabry
Directory of History Departments
International Electronic Mail Directory of Historians

Missouri Western State College

International directory of university library online catalogs, by country
U.S. directory of university library online catalogs, by state

Monticello, with information on Thomas Jefferson

Museum Computer Network, with a directory of museums and museum-related sites

Museum Documentation Association in Britain, via Oxford University

De Museumserver from the Netherlands, for Dutch Museums on the Net (English version)

Virtual Museums, which exist only in electronic form

National Academy of Sciences


National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

NASA Historical Archives

National Air and Space Museum

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

NARA Audiovisual Information Locator (NAIL), with descriptions of materials from the Still Picture, Motion Picture, Sound, and Video Branches
Government Information Locator Service (GILS), a description of automated information systems and a catalog of information products
Reference at Your Desk, ready-reference tools used by archives

National Association of State Archaeologists, via the University of Connecticut

List of the historic preservation commission and state archaeologist of each state

National Center for Supercomputer Applications (NCSA), at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Mosaic Home Page
Starting Points for Internet Exploration
Meta-Index directory for Internet searching
Metamap of Internet resources

National Council for the Promotion of History, via Indiana University, Purdue University at Indianapolis

National Information Systems and Services (NISS) in Britain

Internet sites in Britain by subject categories
History, Geography, Genealogy
Higher Education and Professional Organizations in Britain
Directory of Higher Education
Reference and bibliographic services
Directory and Telnet connection to British library online catalogs
Gopher to British university libraries

National Library of Medicine of the U.S.

Databases & Electronic Information Sources
Search a database of 60,000 images of medical and nursing history

National Park Service of the U.S., Links to the Past

Museum Collections
National Register of Historic Places
National Center for Preservation Technology and Training
Internet Resources for Heritage Conservation, Historic Preservation and Archaeology

National Technology Transfer Center (NTTC), directory of U.S. government information sources

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Resource Directory for Historic Preservation
Related Internet Resources

National Women's History Project

Women's History Resource Sites

Netscape Communications, producer of Netscape Navigator

Directory of Internet search utilities

New York Public Libraries, catalog searching

New York Times

New Zealand, National Library

Nexor welcome page, an Internet search utility to perform keyword searches on the Web

Configurable Unified Search Engine (CUSI), combining different Internet search utilities

North Carolina State University

NCSU Libraries
Alex: A Catalog of Electronic Texts on the Internet
Alcuin, a database of Internet resources to search by subject, author, title
Library Catalogs with Web Interfaces
History Resources
European History Resources

North Dakota State University

Institute for Regional Studies
History Resources on the Web, by James Ross

From Northcoast, bibliographies and reviews of books about the Internet, and links to online Internet journals, by Kevin Savetz

Northern Lights Internet Solutions, Publishers Catalogues

Northwestern University

Configurable Unified Search Engine (CUSI), combining many different Internet search utilities
Library Resources on the Internet, with links to cataloging records, library associations, and vendors
History of Ancient Egypt by Professor Peter Piccione

Notable Citizens of Planet Earth: Biographical Dictionary of over 18,000 People

O'Reilly and Associates, Global Network Navigator, a directory of Internet resources by subject categories

Internet search utility
The Whole Internet Catalog
Education, Libraries
Social Sciences, History

The Online World resources handbook and Monitor newsletter, for advice on using online resources

Advice on online searching
Focus on Africa by Odd de Presno, with detailed descriptions of online sources for African history

Open Text Index, an Internet search utility to search by the content of Web pages

Organization of American Historians, via Indiana University

Web Sites for the History Profession

Oxford University in Britain

Networked Information Systems on the campus
Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology, for Ancient History
Griffith Institute, for Ancient Egypt and Near East
Information about Oxford libraries
Bodleian Library
Bodleian Library Image Catalogue
John Johnson Collection of online images of automobiles and other forms of transportation
Database Union List for Oxford Academic Libraries
Bodleian Access to Remote Databases (BARD), Internet resources listed by name and subject
History resources
Alex searchable database of full text electronic documents
Browse documents by subject
Browse history documents
Directory of museums and exhibits around the world
Museums by country
Museum associations, with addresses and phone numbers
The Virtual Museum of Computing, an eclectic collection of links connected with the history of computing or: Mirror site in the U.S., for faster access
Publishers directory
Newsgroups that may not be carried by your local Internet service provider
Computers in Teaching Initiative (CTI), with centers in 20 subject areas
CTI background information
CTI directory of subject centers, with address, phone, and E-Mail

Paris Pages, for information on France

PC Computing magazine, directories of Internet resources

Web Map by categories
Internet search utility and subject indexes
Education sites

PC Magazine, directories of Internet resources

Links to different Internet search utilities
Education sites
Government information sites

Pennsylvania State University

Genealogy Guides

Planet Earth, directories and searchable index

Directory of many different Internet resources by subject and type
University Home Pages

Pointcom Internet directories

Directory of history sites

Public Broadcasting System (PBS) public television

Life on the Internet, an online edition of the PBS series
The History of the Internet
Triumph of the Nerds, a 1996 PBS video based on the book The Rise of Accidental Empires
Computer History Timeline
Internet History Timeline

Ancient Egypt links from Greg Reeder

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Research-It, links to dictionaries, thesauri, shipping services, language translators

Research Libraries Information Network (RLIN) of the Research Libraries Group (RLG), via Stanford University

RLG Members
RLG member Web exhibits

Rice University

History Internet resources

Rockwell Network Systems

NIKOS Gateway for Internet searching, an Internet search utility that is part of a joint project with California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo. A search for "History" brought a directory of useful resources.

Roget's Thesaurus

RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative

Rutgers University

History resources for the U.S. and Britain, with many links to other sites
Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities

San Diego State University

Directory of California State University Web sites

San Francisco City Museum, with indexes to San Francisco history by subject and year

San Francisco State University

History Department
SFSU Gateway to History, with directory of history resources and Internet search utilities

San Jose State University

School of Library and Information Science
Internet search utilities

From Karen Schneider, author of the "Internet Librarian" column in American Libraries, a directory of Web sites of interest to librarians

Scotland, National Library, an Internet search utility

The Shakespeare Home Page

Sierra Club

Sierra Club history, from the founding by John Muir in 1892
John Muir Exhibit

Singapore Museum, with outstanding exhibits presented online

Site d'Information sur la Gestion des Documents d'Archives (SIGDA), in French from Quebec, by Michel Roberge

Smithsonian Institution

Search the Smithsonian Web, including the National Museum of Natural History, National Museum of American Art, and National Air and Space Museum
Computer History
Information on Telneting to SIRIS: Smithsonian Institution Research Information System, via the University of Rochester
Center for Museum Studies

Society for American Archaeology

Society for California Archaeology

Web Sites for Archaeology
Research Tools for Archaeology

Society for the History of Technology, via the University of Michigan

Society of American Archivists, via the University of Texas at Austin, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, SAA Student Chapter

E-Mail Lists for Archivists

Society of Architectural Historians, via the University of Pennsylvania

Southeastern Library Network (SOLINET)

Preservation Resources

Space Telescope Science Institute

Astronomy History Resources
Fantastic digital images from the Hubble Space Telescope

Special Libraries Association

Stanford University

Conservation OnLine, Resources for Conservation Professionals

Starting Point, with Internet resources in broad categories

Reference resources with access to many different Internet search utilities
Education resources

State University of New York at Buffalo

From Bruce Sterling, a short history of the Internet

From James Stevenson, California History Resources

Stirling University in Britain

Jump Station robots make Web searches for you

Strathclyde University in Britain

John Muir Centre

Syracuse University

History Internet resources
Mark Twain
Living Textbook Project
Historical Geography

Tennessee Technological University

History Internet resources
List of Resources
History Sites
Social Science Sites
Government and Non-Profit Sites
International Studies and International Sites
History Sites by Subject
History Sites by Time Period
State and Local History
Ancient History
Internet Mailing Lists in History
Internet News Sources
Guides for Using the Internet

The Cutting Edge

Diogenes' Links to the Ancient World, by Raymond Williams or: by a different path

Thomas Bros. Maps

Geography Resources on the Internet

The Times in Britain, Higher Education Supplement

Truman Library, for President Harry S. Truman, via the University of North Carolina

Leon C. Miller, Instructor of "Cyberspace for Archivists" and Manuscripts Librarian at Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, has compiled the various Internet directories shown below

"Ready Net Go" Archival and Special Collections Resources on the Internet
Links to Internet search utilities
Internet resoures for archives
Archivist's Daybook, with contacts and seminars of interest to archivists
Tulane Special Collections, for U.S. Southern history
United Nations
Other international organizations

U.S. Army, Center for Military History

U.S. Census Bureau

U.S. General Services Administration, with a database of federally-sponsored art and architecture

U.S. Government Printing Office

Online service for government documents such as the Congressional Record and the Federal Register

U.S. Geological Survey, for maps

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

U.S. Labor Department, History Page

U.S. Postal Service

University of Alberta

Directory of Internet resources in French

University of Arizona

Archives and Photographs
Anthropology, Archaeology, and Museums on the Web

University of Arkansas

Libraries and archives on the Internet

University of Bergen in Norway

Social Science Data Archives world map

University of California, Berkeley

Digital Libraries Project
California Heritage Digital Image Access Project
From Thomas Dowling, an international directory of libraries with Web servers
Jack London Collection
History Internet resources
Museums on the Web
University Art Museum, Pacific Film Archive
Museum of Paleontology
Subway Map to Internet resources
Current Cites: An annotated monthly bibliography on information technology
California Library Directory
Los Angeles Library Directory
Museum Informatics Project
Museum and Archive Online Resources
Museum and Non-Book Collections
Links to Museums Online
Standards in Museum Informatics

University of California, Davis

Virtual Town of information links
Websurf links to information
Information Center for the Environment, with keyword searches for documents

University of California, Irvine

Virtual Reference Desk

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Subject Guides to the Web
University of California Web sites
Ancient Egypt
History Department

University of California, Riverside

Infomine directory of federal government resources
Horus' Links to History Resources, from History Professor Ronald Tobey, is extensive, especially for ancient history
Historical Photographs Online
Historical Organizations
History Student Q and A, a discussion bulletin board

University of California, San Diego

Social Sciences Data Collection
Railroad-related Internet Resources
Technical Processing Online Tools for archival materials

University of California, Santa Barbara

Subject Tree Gopher
History resources gopher
Publishers directory gopher
Time Traveller archaeology newsletter and forum, from Professor Brian Fagan

University of California, Santa Cruz

University Library
Regional History Project, with a catalog of oral history interviews, a bibliography on oral history, and photographs of the central coast of California
WAIS searcheable index of scholarly mailing lists

University of Chicago

Chicago Group on Modern France, Directory of Internet resources in French
American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language (ARTFL), 2000 texts from the 17th to 20th centuries
Center for Research Libraries
University press catalogs
Oriental Institute for the Ancient Near East
ABZU Guide to Internet Resources for the Ancient Near East
ABZU Regional Index: Egypt
ABZU Directory of other Internet sites on Egypt
Highlights of the Oriental Institute's collection for Ancient Egypt, including images

University of Cincinnati

History Reviews On-Line

University College London

British archives

University of Colorado

Harvest Information Discovery and Access System, an experimental Internet search utility
Directory in alphabetical order of Web page titles
World Wide Web Worm, an Internet search utility that searches Web page titles and the links that they contain
Instructions on using the Worm

University of Connecticut

Political Science resources
ArchNet for Archaeology Resources on the Internet
Archaeology resources organized by subject
Museums and Research Facilities
Cultural Resource Management and Historic Preservation
State Archaeologists and Historic Preservation Offices with Web sites

University of Denver

Nyx collection of tools for Internet searching

University of Edinburgh

Information on Scotland
Gateway to Scotland, an overview and introduction, from the Geography Dept

University of Evansville

Exploring Ancient World Cultures by Professor Anthony Beavers
Ancient Egypt

University of Florida

American Universities List of U.S. university home pages

University of Geneva, Center for University Information (CUI)

WWW Virtual Library Catalog
Meta-Index combining many Internet search utilities
Directory of Internet resources in France or in French

University of Georgia

University Libraries
Digital Archive of scanned images and photos
Galileo Resources uses a MARC Format (Z39.50) server for access to a wide variety of databases
Tom Reynolds, a student, has compiled Tom's Hot List of resources for conservation and preservation

University of Grenoble, with directories of Internet resources in France

University of Groningen in the Netherlands

American Revolution Project, U.S. History from the Colonial Period to World War I
U.S. Historical Texts
Groningen Historical Electronic Text Archive (GHETA)

University of Houston

Meta-Links to other directories of Internet resources

University of Idaho

Special Collections
The most comprehensive listing of archival Web sites

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Project Gutenberg, whose goal is to develop a library of 10,000 public domain electronic texts
Other Electronic Text Sites Index

University of Kansas, Information Page or: Home Page

History Network Source Main Menu, The Central Information Server for Historians or: different address
World-Wide Web Virtual Library: History or: different address
Long directory of history Internet resources in alphabetical order by the name of the collection or: different address
Subject tree of resources for history
U.S. Regional History
Carrie: An Electronic LIbrary
Carrie: Archives
Carrie: Historical Documents
Carrie: U.S. Historical Documents, such as the Sedition Act of 1798
Center for Kansas Genealogy, Local and Family History
Family History Home Page
Historian's Guide to Email and Internet Resources
Directory of Mailing Lists for History
De re militari, Association for the study of Classical and Medieval Military Matters
Electronic Headquarters for the Acquisition of War Knowledge (E-HAWK)
Military history resources, in chronological order
Libraries and library catalogs
HyTelNet directories of libraries and Internet resources
HyTelNet links to online library catalogs

University of Leiden, in the Netherlands

An excellent guide to references resources, in both English and Dutch

University of Melbourne, in Australia

Biographical Dictionary for the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine

University of Memphis

Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology, for Ancient Egypt

University of Michigan

University Library
Guide to Archives on the Internet
1990 U.S. Census
Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides
Directory by subject categories of the guides in the Clearinghouse
Internet Resources for Cataloging
Internet Public Library, of the School of Information and Library Science, with subject searching
Finding Remote Library Catalogs
Other Reference Collections
Genealogy Resources on the Internet
Libraries and Librarians
Library Journals
Library Mailing Lists
Historical Center for the Health Sciences
Gopher to History resources
Gopher to Archives
Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology
Kelsey Museum, for Ancient History, including maps or: different address
Papyrus Digitization Project for Ancient History texts and images
Internet resources for Ancient History texts and images on papyrus
Again from Karen Schneider, a personal directory of library-related Internet resources
Internet Resources for Non-Profit Organizations, from Sarah Nesbeitt

University of Minnesota

Charles Babbage Institute, Center for the History of Information Processing
Historical Map Repository, with images online
Center for Medieval Studies
Paula Goblirsch's Home Page, with links to history resources
Genealogy Resources on the Internet

Universite de Montaigne, Bordeaux

Institut de Recherche sur l'Antiquite et le Moyen-Age, for Ancient and Medieval History

University of Montreal

History resources
Tables of contents of many history journals

University of New Hampshire

Special Collections
Online Exhibits

University of North Carolina

Heliocentric Information Map, a graphical directory of Internet resources
EXPO Exhibitions with links to many museum exhibitions
Leadership Information Archives, with directories to state and federal government agencies
Presidential Libraries Network

University of Oklahoma

Law Center
U.S. Historical Documents in chronological order, with links to full text

University of the Pacific

Web sites for searching

University of Paderborn in Germany

Dictionaries, a large assortment

University of Pennsylvania

African Studies
Directory of Internet sites for Ancient Egypt

University Pierre Mendes France, at Grenoble, for social studies research in France

Pierre Mendes France, the French Premier who ended the Indochina War in 1954

University of Pittsburgh

School of Library and Information Services, with links to archival and library resources

University of Quebec at Montreal

History Department
Many links to history sources in French
Ancient Egypt and the Near East

University of Rochester

History Internet resources

University of San Diego

History Internet resources

University of Southern California

University Library
Special Collections
Regional History Center
Electronic Reference Shelf, with many directories and dictionaries
History resources
Nietzsche Page, for German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche

University of Texas at Austin

American Studies resources
World Lecture Hall, class materials delivered over the Web
Map collections

University of Texas at Dallas

History collections
U.S. Libraries

University of Texas at San Antonio

Archives for Research on Women and Gender, with links to other sources for women's history

University of Toronto

History Internet resources
Online resources, by fields and periods
Online history journals
Mailing lists for historians

University of Twente in the Netherlands

Combined search engines, to search the Internet by combining many different Internet search utilities
Help in using combined search engines
Links to other Internet search utilities

University of Virginia

Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (IATH), Jefferson Village
Essays in History
History collections
The Ancient World Web by Julia Hayden. The best site for Ancient History, due to Julia's helpful annotations.
Ancient Egypt
Digital Image Center
Information on digital imaging topics

University of Wales, Swansea

Wellcome Museum, for Ancient History
Directory of Electronic Resources for Ancient History

University of Washington

WebCrawler, an Internet search utility that searches by Web page titles and contents

University of Waterloo

Canadian Universities with Web Pages
Scholarly Societies Project
Scholarly Societies with Web sites, listed alphabetically by name of society
Scholarly Societies with Web sites or Gophers, listed by subject
With Web sites or Gophers, History only

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

History Internet resources, many described in detail, by Dennis Boals
Guides to Non-Western History
Special Internet Connections directory of resources in broad subject categories, by Scott Yanoff

Utrecht University in the Netherlands

Centre for Computer-aided Egyptological Research, dedicated to restoring the images of artifacts from Ancient Egypt by computer
A virtual tour of the Temple of Abu Simbel
A comprehensive list of Egyptological Institutions and Museums

Vestnett, in Norway

Military History, including a list of all military aircraft

Victoria State Library, in Australia

Conservation Department
Heritage Conservation and Historic Preservation, with information relevant to historic sites, museum collections, and libraries
Other preservation sites on the Internet

Victoriana, Resources for Victorian Living

Victoriana Library, including Harper's Bazar Online
Victoriana Museum Sites
19th Century Web Sites

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Computer Science Department
The History of Computing, materials collected and written by J. A. N. Lee, expanding on the series The Machine That Changed The World
Virtual Computer History Museum
Image Gallery for Computer History
Timeline of Events in Computer History

Virginia State Library and Archives, Digital Library Project

Directory of Virginia Repositories

Virtual Reference Desk

Alphabetical list of history resources on the Internet
Encyclopedias and dictionaries

Virtual Online University (Athena University) for distance learning

Library Tools
Bookstores Online

Virtual Tourist world map of Web sites by geographic location, via the State University of New York at Buffalo

WAIS (Wide Area Information Server) searching of Internet resources

WAIS Gate search of photos at the Smithsonian

From Gregory Walker, the Digital Daguerreian Archive Project of early photographs

From Joel Walsh, the Gargantuan Virtual Guide to Cyber-History: Resources for the History of Computing and of the Internet

Web of Wonder, directories of Internet resources

Museums and Exhibits
Resources for educators
Reference resources

Web Communications

World Wide Web Power Index

WebMuseum, for the Louvre, other museums in France, and a tour of Paris

For faster access in the U.S., via the University of North Carolina

West Virgina Network Gopher of History Resources, Byrd military collection, with bibliographies from the U.S. Army Military History Institute

HABS/HAER Collection by State, with a record for each historic preservation site, a Internet search utility to find information about people

Colonial Willamsburg

Wiretap directory of full text electronic books

U.S. historical documents

Wisconsin Dept of Public Instruction, the Library Resource List for librarians from Bob Bocher

Writers Guild of America

Research links for writers

Yahoo (Yet Another Hierarchically Organized Oracle), an Internet search utility that maintains a hierarchical index of Web sites

Humanities directory, History
Social Sciences directory, History
Other Web searching programs
Libraries on the Web
Universities on the Web
Guides to Using Computers and the Internet
History of Computers and the Internet

Yale University

Overview of Internet Resources
Gopher to Library Catalogs
Women in the History of Computing
Yale Law School, Avalon Project, with digital historical documents on law, economics, politics, diplomacy, and government

Z Publishing, Directory of San Francisco History Resources

Timeline of San Francisco History


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